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Medika Plaza has several services, including medical evacuation service. We arrange the transportation of patients from one hospital to another, both national and international hospitals. Our Medical Evacuation Services supported by experienced medical team including aviation medicine specialist, doctors and nurses with up to date medical equipment. Medika Plaza provides emergency medical evacuation by air, ground and water ambulance.

We have a lot of experience in handling patients with critical illness cases who have respiratory problems, heart problems, fractures, pediatric problems to designated hospitals in Asia Pacific, Europe and other countries.

These patients are handled as bed to bed services including; aircraft chartered, medical team, advance equipment, ground ambulance, out-patient or in-patient arrangement. This patient always be monitored continuously by doctors and nurses on board until they arrive at the designated hospital safely.

We also provide services for repatriation of patient to their home countries. Our other services include International Medical Assistance, Medical escort, Medical Tourism, Home visit doctor and Home care.

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