PT Kartika Bina Medikatama (Medika Plaza)

Medika Plaza is One of the Pioneers enterprises in providing medical service, established since Dec 18th 1997. Our Service is occupational health – based consist of : Medical Center, Medical Site, Medical Evacuation, Medical Administration Service, Medical Training and Medical Hospital Management

Our Vision

To be the best and most sought after health and medical service in Indonesia

Our Mision

To consistently deliver Innovative, Reliable and Excellent Medical Service a long side our exceedingly compassionate and tender Care

Our Logo

The ribbon-like typography symbolizes medika plaza’s never ending commitment in providing health and medical services for our clients.

The plus sign is made up of two arrows coing together, symbolizing communication and understanding between medika plaza and theclients.

Our New logo  intends to show case the strength of our innate indonesian cultural practices and insights in delivering our service as a commitment to be the best and most sought after medical and health service in Indonesia.

Why Choose Medika Plaza?


    Having a team of doctors and medical assistants who are professional and experienced in the field of medical get certified and have been trained abroad.


    Attach importance to explore and apply advanced medical technology. Currently Medika Plaza Clinic develops international medical and medicines treatment technology.


    In order to provide comfort and save patient’s time, Medika Plaza Clinic establishes advisory service system for diagnosis, treatment for treatment and post-treatment.


    Medika Plaza Clinic is designed based on the layout in accordance with standard clinical procedure requirements issued by the Ministry of Health. Medika Plaza Clinic seeks to create room comfort while performing medical examinations to patients.

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