Our network and experts from the Travel , Medical, Motoring and Property industries enable us to manage complex & critical situations to provide solutions both locally and worldwide, ensuring your customers, staff, operations and reputation are protected 24/7.

Consistent Commitment in Delivering in the Highest Level of Service Excellence and Maintaining expense levels to prevent unnecessary spending or thoughtfully reducing expenses to improve your company’ profitability without long-term damage. Also, we can give you the best price in the market & adjust according to your budget.

Medika Plaza has completed service to make sure travellers in one hand care and we tight monitoring the client expectation by updating every condition of the members.

Support by Helpline 24/7

Distributing Rapid and Accurate Information

Some products that we serve as well are:

1. Information Only
2. Arrange Outpatient Visit
3. Obtain Medical Report
4. Translation
5. Guarantee Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment
6. Investigation/Surrounding Hospital Check Domestic & Overseas
7. Repatriation of Mortal Remain
8. Medical Evacuation – Air Ambulance
9. Medical Evacuation – Commercial Carrier
10. Medical Evacuation – Ground Ambulance
11. Travel – Air Ticket Booking
12. Travel – Car Rental
13. Travel – Cash Advance

Contact our Helpline for Evacuation and Assistance +62 21 8086 6000

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